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Some Punctuation Rules to Abide by in Essay Writin

You should give as much emphasis on presenting the information and as you give to the contents of your  write my essay . Despite your research and reasoning capabilities, if you fail to communicate your arguments and information to your reader in a flawless manner, your essay will garner little to no attention. Your reader expects you to write your essay according to the rules of grammar and punctuation.

These struggling writers can bring about a significant improvement in their writing by keeping in mind some basic writing rules. Following them, they can get rid of many errors, and let their readers focus on the content of the essay instead.



Writers whose efforts in researching and brainstorming come to nothing due to their inadequate writing end up asking others for help. Write my paper for me ,” you will hear them request their peers and essay writers.


Joining clauses correctly

You will come to write your writing using two clauses:

Independent clause : Independent clause makes a complete sentence that can stand on its own, it has a subject, a verb, and an object at the minimum.


Dependent clause : The dependent clause is an incomplete sentence and depends on another independent clause for completing. It cannot stand on its own.

As a writer, you should know how to arrange and connect these types of clauses while  essay writing service , as dependent clauses provide necessary information about the main clause.

There are various ways to use punctuation to join the clauses together.



When two independent sentences are connected using coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so) then you will need to place a comma before the conjunction.

I forgot my water bottle at home, as I was in a rush to catch the bus.

When the sentence begins with a subordinating clause then you should place a comma just before the start of the independent or the main clause.

Because I arrived late at the stop, the bus driver censured me in front of my schoolmates.

When the subordinating clause is placed at the beginning of the sentence it usually starts with subordinating conjunctions that include since, because, so that, despite, etc. However, when they come after the main clause there is no need for placing a comma between the clauses.

The bus driver censured me in front of my mates because I arrived late at the stop.



The semicolon in  do my paper  should be used when you are connecting two independent clauses, and where the second clause adds to the information of the first clause or complements it.

The state of the exhibits in the museum was appalling; they were damaged and not properly maintained.

Here the second sentence carries the thought forward and should be connected to the previous one with a semicolon.


Unnecessary breakage

Don't break the sentences and the flow of sentences by placing full stops where commas ought to be.

The man is pure genius. Solving the age-old mathematical problem in a fortnight.

There should be a comma instead of a full stop. Such unnecessary breaks destroy the flow of the sentences and snap the readers' attention.


Know when to use the colon

The colon (:) is considered formal punctuation and can be used to connect two independent clauses. The sentence that follows the first clause has to either amplify the preceding sentence or explain it further.

The doctors were on strike for an entire week as the government failed to provide them with precautionary masks and gowns: the precautionary equipment that is available to doctors all around the world.

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