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Sharing Space with Your Man

Published under copyright by Loveawake dating site. © Copyright 2009-2020. All rights reserved.

I’ll be flying out on Friday to Los Angeles to go stay with Mr. C for five nights. It’s the longest we will have ever shared the same space. I’m actually kind of nervous! So I decided to write a post and give myself some advice. I’ve created a list of do’s and don’ts for living in your boyfriend’s apartment.

Don’t move in.

One of the best things about your short stay with your guy is that he will likely treat you like a guest—cook for you, bring you drinks, fall over himself to make you feel comfortable. In order to maintain the illusion of you being a guest (and not a new roommate), you should not arrive and then move in by hanging up your clothes, putting your stuff away in drawers, etc. Carve yourself a little place in the apartment to keep your things, and keep that place neat the entire time you are in his apartment.

Don’t pee with the door open. Or other discouraged behaviors that kill the romance. Spending lots of time together does make you get super-comfortable with one another, but you’ll be happy that you put in that little bit of effort and thought to keeping your bodily functions to yourself.

Don’t nag him about the apartment.

If his sheets are scratchy, walls are covered in sexy lady posters, and he has three years worth of Sports Illustrated stacked up against a wall in the living room, that is how he wants to live. Don’t provide helpful suggestions for decluttering or decorating his apartment. If he wants your help making his apartment an oasis, he will ask you.

Do not change his sleeping habits.

Men can be like babies. When they are tired, hungry, or hot, they can be very grumpy. You will be much better off not trying to force him to go to bed when you do or to wake up when you do. I am especially guilty of poking and prodding Mr. C early in the morning to give me attention when all he wants to do is bury his face in a pillow and sleep. I am going to make sure that I don’t create a monster for the rest of the day by letting him sleep in. It’s actually great for me, because it gives me quiet time to write my blog posts!

Cook and eat together.

Take some time to make a meal together. It doesn’t have to be a gourmet feast. Even just making breakfast together can be a romantic bonding experience. You can also cook for him and have him do the dishes. Even if both of you are busy working on your laptops, take time to have your meals together at the table with no other distractions. This will keep you on guest status rather than roommate status.

Do things without him.

Lots of my friends from college are still in LA, so I’m going to plan some outings with them so I can catch up with them, get out of the apartment, and so he can have some time to do whatever men do when women aren’t around (I believe it involves butt-scratching, farting, and nose-picking).

Bring cute jammies for lounging around the house in.

I recently realized that I really want cute, sexy pajamas. I spent hours looking online at Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood. I’m going to be sure to bring those cute, sexy pajamas with me to LA, so that when I’m lounging around the house, I look and feel delicious rather than dumpy.

Have lots of sex.

This is an undeniable benefit of sharing the same space. Go ahead and go crazy! Find places all around the apartment to do it. Just use protection!

Ahhh, I already feel less nervous about sharing space with my man.

Loveawake: What advice do you have for me and everyone else for sharing space with your man?

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